What can I do with Messages?

In this feature, you will find the audio messages that are connected to your account. This is also the place to create new messages, so that you can add them in your dial plan. Think, for example, about a cheerful welcome message or an audio message in which you let your callers know that you are closed at the moment.

Creating a new message

  • Log in to Freedom.
  • Click on Admin.
  • Log in to Freedom.
  • Click on Messages and click on Add.
  • Write down a name for your message. For example, “Welcome message.”
  • Select Add audio file to record a new message or to upload a message you have already recorded. For the recording, you will need a computer that is connected to a microphone. The audio file cannot be larger than 7 MB, and after uploading, the audio file will be converted, which can result in a slight decrease in quality.
  • Click on Save and place the message in your dial plan to activate it.


  • Record a message with “Welcome at [Company name] and place it as the first step in your Dial plan.
  • Record a message with: “Please hold for a moment, we will be with you as soon as possible” and put the message in the Dial plan after a phone or cal group has rung for more than 20 seconds.
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