Call Detail Records - Billed Calls

Call Detail Records - Billed Calls

Want to get real-time access to granular call details and avoid bill shock?

At Voys, you have full access to every detail of your call history. And it’s free of charge. Say bye-bye to bill shock. See what a call costs to the last cent, seconds after you hang up. No surprises and no hidden costs. You can export records to your favorite spreadsheet application if serious number crunching is your thing. 🙂
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Viewing call billing records
  • Log in on Freedom
  • Go to 'Account' >> 'Billing' >> 'Call Cost.

Available filters

  • Date The date range must be 30 days or less)
  • Totalize on Show Sum Totals: the total call charges, charges per VoIP account (i.e. extension), charges per call type (e.g. mobile, national), outbound number (caller), and dialed number.
Exporting your call billing records

Export your call detail records to your spreadsheet software of choice by clicking on the 'Export' button.

You can filter the records you want to export based on the same filters listed above.

Exports are saved in CSV format. You can manually change the delimiter (i.e. comma or semi-colon) and decimal separator (i.e. comma or full stop) to your preferred choice.

After setting your filters and clicking 'Save' your file will be generated (this can take a few minutes) and will be available on the export page once it is ready.

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