Port your number to Voys

Port your number to Voys

Should you wish to keep your existing business number, we can definitely support your request.

Please complete the form via this link here.

Once completed, please see the below templates to be able to proceed with the submission.

We will need to request your current provider to port your number(s) to Voys. To do so, we need to submit a few documents, kindly provide the documents listed below.

  1. Copy of the ID of Number Owner.
  2. Recent invoice (ALL pages) that shows the phone number(s) to be ported.
  3. Please copy the contents of 'Letter 1' on the business letterhead of your business and have it signed by Business Owner
  4. Finally, please copy the contents of 'Letter 2' on the letterhead of the Name on the invoice/statement and have it signed by Business Owner.

Letter 1

Please copy-paste the following text on the business letterhead of your Business Name:

Letter of Authorisation for Number Porting

To whom it may concern,

I hereby instruct Voys Telecom to port the following telephone number(s) from insert your Service Provider Name, to Voys Telecom's network:

  • Insert Phone number/s

I confirm that the information provided above is exactly as it appears on my most recent tax invoice from insert your Service Provider Name. I warrant that all amounts due and payable to insert your Service Provider Name have been settled in full. I understand that:

  • all existing services associated with the numbers being ported will be canceled;
  • any prepaid airtime remaining will be lost as a result of the service being canceled;
  • insert your Service Provider Name may enforce their contractual notice period and continue to bill me, after the date of porting, until the notice period has expired.
  • I understand that all services linked to a line are generally canceled but Voys is no party in case the donor provider does not cancel. Any disputes must be addressed with the donor provider.
  • I understand that only services associated with numbers being ported will be canceled and that, if I have an existing switchboard or other services that I no longer require, I will need to instruct insert your Service Provider Name to cancel those and that such instruction should only be given after porting has been completed.
  • I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of use as published on https://www.voys.co.za/terms-and-conditions.

I attach hereto a copy of our most recent tax invoice(s) from insert your Service Provider Name in respect of the above number(s).

Requested porting date [Porting date] :

Signed by [Business Owner] (ID number ), [Role] on [Date]

Signature _________________

Letter 2

Please copy-paste the following text on the letterhead of [Name on Invoice]:

Cede Letter

To whom it may concern, I, [Number Owner], hereby agree to the cession of service:

  • [phone number/s]

from insert Name on Statement/invoice to insert a Business name. I understand that the insert Number owner shall have no future claim to the number and that all future benefits and rights to the number shall vest with the Business name.

Signed by [Number Owner], [ID number] on [Date]

Signature _________________

We will then coordinate with the current Service Provider on your behalf. Once the port request has been approved by the service provider, we will liaise for the setup of your business phone system and confirm with you a port date. Please note activation is possible Monday to Thursday (but not the day before a public holiday). For same-day ports, this instruction must be given before 14h00 for timely processing.

On the day of the port activation, your number will be scheduled to get ported between 5 PM-7PM that day. Please allow until the next morning for porting to be fully completed as not all operators may update routing directly.

We would like to advise that you keep your current system up and running until you have established that all networks are routing calls to the Voys network.
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