Switching from prepaid to debit order (Custom Freedom)

Switching from prepaid to debit order (Custom Freedom)

How to move over to debit order as a payment term if you are on prepaid (Custom Freedom)

Freedom Custom is a legacy package that allows the account administrator to set their account to operate on prepaid payment terms. Customers who are currently using Prepaid as a payment term may switch to debit orders if debit order documents are approved and the credit risk is clear.

Additional documents are required:

  • A completed and signed Voys Debit Order Mandate (DOM)
  • 2 months’ bank statements and an interim statement
  • Proof of business address

What happens to your prepaid account?

You will remain on prepaid until the end of the month in which the switch is requested and should top up with sufficient credit to last till then. The account transfer can only be actioned on the last day of the month. i.e If the request to switch from prepaid is made on the 13th of April, the existing prepaid credit should last till the 30th of April and debit order payment terms will commence as of the 1st of May.


Will your request to switch be rejected?

A credit check will be run to determine whether you have a clean credit record or not.

💡 Freedom Unlimited, Voys' new package only offers a debit order payment option.  Click here for more on Freedom Unlimited Payment term
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