Top Up Your Prepaid Credit

Top Up Your Prepaid Credit

How do I load prepaid credit on my Freedom account?

  • Log in¬†to¬†Freedom
  • Go to¬†the 'Dashboard'¬†tab
  • Click¬†the¬†Top-up credit¬†button under the¬†'Prepaid balance'¬†section
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  • Once you have topped up, you will be redirected to the 'Top-up' tab.

  • Enter¬†your email address, Company Name, Business Address and VAT number as you want them to reflect on your invoice.
  • Enter¬†the amount that you wish to top up your account with. VAT and the Total including VAT will be automatically calculated.
  • Select¬†your preferred¬†payment method¬†(Credit / Debit Card or EFT)
  • You will be prompted to¬†enter¬†either your card details or to¬†log into¬†your online banking account
  • When¬†Credit / Debit card¬†is selected: Fill in your bank card details

  • When¬†Instant EFT¬†is selected:¬†Click¬†on your bank's icon &¬†log into¬†your bank‚Äôs online banking portal in order to make the payment. Please allow enough time for the transaction to proceed.
  • Once your payment is successful, you will be automatically redirected to your Freedom dashboard
  • You will receive your payment invoice via email.
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