With a filter in your dial plan you can route an incoming call a specific way, based on the phone number the incoming call is coming from. As an example, you can send all incoming calls to colleagues answering a specific language, calls that must not be recorded, etc. Another use of the filter is to block incoming spam calls.

Filter Group

  • Log in on Freedom
  • Click in the left menu on Admin and select Filter. 
  • Click Add.
  • Choose the type of filter. The options are a filter for specific phone numbers or a filter for anonymous calls.
  • Give a name and a description to the filter group. For example: Filter for Spam calls.  
  • Enter the (parts) of the phone numbers that you want in the filter group. These should always be in the format of + (country code + rest of the phone number) No stripes, hooks and other signs can be used.
  • Click on save when you have added all phone numbers.  

Add the filter to your dial plan

  • Go to Dial plans in the left menu and click on the phone number in which you want the filter group to be active.
  • Click on Add step in the place you want your filter active.  Most of the time the filter will work best if you add is above all other steps in the dial plan.
  • Pick Filter group in the first dropdown menu and select the group you have just created in the second. You will now see two options: Meets conditions and does not meet conditions.
  • Use caution! Do you already have steps in your dial plan? Look closely to where you want to move those steps. When you select Meets conditions, the steps in your dial plan will be moved to what will happen if a caller meets the conditions of your filter. When you select Does not meet conditions, your filter will be an exception, you will then have to decide what happens when people are calling that do meet conditions.

Tips for the Filter groups

  • If John often calls for Thomas and he has to be transferred each time, it will take an unnecessary amount of time. You can create a filter group with John’s number in it and make sure when John calls, his calls are directly routed to Thomas.
  • When someone is harassing your company and colleagues by phone, you can put their number in a filter group and add it to your dial plan. This way you can ensure that the call is disconnected as soon as the filter recognises the phone number.
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