How to Configure Your Alcatel SP502 Phone

How to Configure Your Alcatel SP502 Phone

How do I configure my Alcatel phone?

This manual will help you configure your Alcatel phone for use with  Freedom, our cloud-hosted PBX. The settings below refer specifically to the Alcatel SP502.


Configuration manual

  • Connect the Alcatel device to the network (modem/router/switch/network point) using an Ethernet cable (ensure that your PC is connected to the same network as the Alcatel device)
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    Locate the IP address
    • Pressing the Menu soft button
    • Status 
    • Network on Alcatel SP502
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    Configure the Phone Launch the web browser and type the IP address into the URL bar
    • Login to the device's web interface
    • Fill in the following details:

    Username: Admin Password: Admin

    • Go to System >> 
    • Line 1 >> 
    • Basic Settings and fill in the details below

    What you will need

    • Username: Account ID

    (Can be found on Freedom under Admin >> VoIP Account )

    • Display name: Extension number
    • Authentication Name: Account ID
    • Authentication Password:

    (Can be found on Freedom under Admin >> VoIP Account)

    • Server Name:
    • Sip Proxy Server Adress:
    • Check the Activate box:
    • Click: Save

Codec Settings

  • Enable G.711A

Go to Line >> SIP >> Advanced Settings

Change DTMF Type to RFC2833


Make sure everything is saved

Status must be Registered, you are all set!