Variable caller name

Variable caller name

With the Variable Caller Name option, you can send a name to your VoIP phone. If you have multiple companies, you can put your company name in the Variable Caller Name in the dial plan.

This way, you can see on your device which company is being called so that you can answer with the correct business name.


To add a variable caller name in the dial plan:

  • Log in to Freedom.
  • Click on Dial Plans.
  • Then click on your phone number.
  • Click ‘add step’ above your VoIP account, user, or call group.
  • Select Variable Caller Name.
  • You can choose Prefix or Replace. With Replace, you only send the text of the variable caller name. With Prefix, it also sends the customer's phone number along with the text of the variable caller name. Do not make the variable caller name too long, as only a limited number of characters fit on your screen. Choose an abbreviation or part of the company name, as shown in the example below.
  • Click save and you're done!
Note: Do you have a filter in your call plan? A Variable Caller Name must always be placed below or possibly in the filter. If you place a Variable Caller Name above the filter, it will no longer work. If you use a fixed phone or the Voys App for iOS? And have you saved the caller's contact information in your contact list? Then the Variable Caller Name is not displayed on your screen. You will see the name of the caller as it is saved in your contact list.
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