What can you do with Call Me Now?

A Call Me Now button is the perfect way to turn a website visitor into a calling customer. This functionality establishes a phone connection between the website visitor and an employee of your company. The visitor enters their number on the website. Our telephone exchange first calls this number. Once the visitor confirms that they requested this call, the exchange calls your specified phone number and connects the conversation between the visitor and you.

Creating Call Me Now

  • Log in to Freedom
  • Click on ‘Manage’ in the menu bar
  • Select ‘Call me now’
  • Click on ‘add’ and agree to the costs
  • Enter the name of the button here, for example ‘Call Me Now homepage’. Optionally, provide a description.
  • As a type, you can choose between Basic and Branded. With Branded, you can make the button look the way you want it to, with the addition of your own corporate identity and logo. You can easily first choose Basic and later make it Branded. See technical wiki for more information about the Branded option.
  • By filling in the A-number Caller ID, you indicate which number the visitor will see. You can choose from the A-number, which is the number of the website visitor, or the B-number, which is your number. You can also choose 'Suppressed'. Then the visitor will see 'anonymous number' on their screen.
  • The destination is the number of the holder of the Call Me Now button, i.e. the B-number.
  • With Message type, you can choose Standard or Custom. If you choose standard, the customer will hear the following messages. If you choose custom, you can add your own message at sounds or add it below if you have already added it.
  • The default confirmation message displays the following: "Press 1 to accept this call or 0 to decline." This prevents prank calls to the Call Me Now number.
  • The standard message that the visitor hears after pressing 1 is the transfer message: "Your input is correct".
  • The standard message that the caller hears after pressing 0 is called the blacklist message. The caller is then blocked and cannot be called again by the same button.
  • Click on Save
  • A hash is now generated that ensures the connection between your website and our central system.

Call Me Now on your website

You need to place the created Call Me Now button on your website yourself. For a detailed explanation, please refer to the technical wiki.

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