Call notifications

Call notifications

The Call Notifications module allows you to automatically send conversation data to a URL that you specify. These conversation notifications are sent to the specified URL for all conversations within your Freedom environment. If you link these conversation notifications to your CRM package, you can see who was called, what time it was, and how long the conversation lasted. The conversation notifications are triggered for incoming, internal, and outgoing calls. You can also use conversation notifications for other purposes, such as measuring conversation statistics.

Conversation Notifications

During a conversation, information is sent to the specified URL at the 6 moments listed below for incoming, internal, and outgoing calls.

  • Created
  • Ringing
  • Answered
  • Warm transfer
  • Cold transfer
  • Hang-up

On the page with technical specifications, it is explained what information is sent at the 6 moments during a conversation.


  • Log in to Freedom
  • Click on Admin in the menu bar
  • Select Call Notifications
  • Click Add.
  • Enter your own description that tells what the notification is for in Description.
  • Select the option 'Custom' for Package unless you want to use a default option.
  • Enter the URL where the conversation notifications should be sent in URL.
  • Enter the API token of the selected package in API token. Note: This is only required if your selected package issues an API token.
  • Click Save.
  • ****We currently offer a standard integration with the CRM package RobinHQ in combination with conversation notifications.

In addition, we also offer Bubble to make connections with many different CRM packages. Click here for more information.

We expect to expand the list of standard applications that can be linked in the short term. Of course, you can also create a connection yourself or hire a developer.

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