You can find the Conference module in Freedom. With this feature, you can create a virtual conference room in which you can call with an unlimited amount of people. Participants can call into a phone number and will be transferred to the meeting room.

Good to know: If you want to be able to use the Conference feature with people outside of your organisation without influencing your telephony, you will need an extra phone number. See the following page to find out how to add a phone number. (link to phone number page)

Setting up the Conference feature

  • Log in on Freedom.
  • Click in the left menu on Admin
  • Click on ‘Conference’.
  • Press Add.
  • Extension:  fill in a three-digit number that you can call internally to participate to the conference.
  • Description: Give a nice description to the conference, for example: bi-weekly meeting.  
  • Admin password: this is a four-digit code. This is the password that only you as an admin have. This means that you are the admin of the conference room. The admin can press 3 during the conference call to remove the last added person from the virtual room.
  • User password: Again, a four-digit code. This is the password you give to the guests before calling in.
  • Message settings: Here you determine the language in which the caller is asked to put in the pin code to attend the meeting.
  • Press Save.

Setting the conference up in the dial plan.

  • Go to the Dial plans in the left menu and click on Add
  • Select the phone number that you have available for the conference feature and click on next step.
  • Click on Add Step and select the Conference feature.  

How does it work?

  • Call the phone number or the internal extension.
  • Dial the four-digit password.
  • When you are the first one in the room, you will hear a waiting tune.
  • When someone enters the Conference, you will hear a sound, and you can start talking.
  • When someone leaves the Conference, you will hear a different sound.

Have fun with the meeting!

Check out 3-way conference calling through the Yealink Phone
  • Most VoIP phones will allow you to have a conference call with three participants. This is a free Voys Freedom feature.
  • The specific procedure to make a 3-way conference call is different for every VoIP phone. However, most phones will work in a way similar to the procedure described below, which is for the Yealink T21.
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