Voys Pulse

Voys Pulse

What is Voy's pulse?

Voys Pulse is a newly developed function that makes it possible to see the availability status of your colleagues at a glance.

The Voys App

Voys Pulse is the extra Colleagues option that you can find under contacts.


Availability colleagues

  • Open the Voys app
  • Press Contacts
  • Choose Colleagues
  • At the bottom of the switch, indicate whether you want to see all colleagues or only the colleagues who are currently online.

How do you call your colleague?

  • Click on the name
  • Then click on the internal user number

What do these icons mean about the colleagues?



Do not disturb


The colleague's device is online


The colleague's device is off

Busy on a call


The Voys Webphone

Availability of colleagues in the Webphone

  • Open the Webphone.
  • Press Dialer
  • Your colleagues are visible here
  • image

Good to know

Voys Pulse works based on the availability of the user. This has a number of implications for the way availability is displayed. For example, have the user set an external destination (the mobile number, for example) as the final destination? Then this user will be shown as available (and therefore green)!


FAQ for Voys Pulse

My user seems offline, while I can be reached. How is this possible?

Voys Pulse works based on the availability of the user. If you see yourself offline, this means that you have not indicated a final destination to your user. Go to Freedom, click on Admin > Users > Change destination to change the device you are using.

Why can't I see on which device my colleague is available On?

When developing Voys Pulse, we assumed that you call a person and not a specific device. The VoIP accounts/extensions linked to a user are therefore no longer visible because the accessibility of the user is decisive. Do you still want to be able to call the separate VoIP account? Then add the VoIP account number and corresponding name to the contacts.

All my favorites are gone, will they come back?

After the update, it is no longer possible to retrieve the old favorites list. Fortunately, you can re-mark the user accounts of colleagues and contacts as favorites!

Why do I see some colleagues under the Colleagues tab and others under Accounts?

In this case, not every colleague has a user account with which to indicate availability. Do you have a custom subscription? Then you can create the users free of charge and link them to the VoIP account of the colleague. Read here how to do that:

👥User (Customer)

My colleague is on 'green', but in reality, he is not available at all. How is this possible?

When you set your destination to an external destination, your 06 number for example, Voys Pulse cannot know the status of that external destination. It is, therefore, possible that the colleague is busy via his or her 06 number, while the availability of the colleague in Voys Pulse is online. Do you want to prevent this? Make sure that you and your colleagues put themselves on unavailable when you are not available.

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