Microsoft Teams integration

Microsoft Teams integration


What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that combines chat, meetings, file storage, and application integration. It is designed to help teams work and communicate more efficiently, especially in a time when many people are working remotely. By integrating with Voys, you can enhance Microsoft Teams (app) with Voys' telephony capabilities.

You will need Office 365 license to be able to make calls using MS Teams with Voys. Learn more

A list of benefits:

  • Unlimited business calling and receiving calls in Teams
  • View the status of your colleagues' calls
  • Efficiently transfer calls to your colleagues
  • All the benefits of Voys' business cloud telephony
  • Great support: Voys customers give an average rating of 8.8 (internationally)

And all of this in a familiar MS Teams environment. This brings together all internal and external communication streams in one place 🙂.

Microsoft Teams


FAQ over Ms Teams

Which Office 365 licenses do I need?

To enable calling for Microsoft Teams, users need the Microsoft Phone System add-on. This add-on license allows the dial pad to be displayed in the Microsoft Teams client on all devices you use for Teams. The add-on for the Microsoft Phone System license is included in the E5 license but is also available as an add-on to other license types.

Can I use the Microsoft Teams Connector with Skype for Business users?

Yes, the Microsoft Teams Connector service also supports Skype for Business users. You can have Skype for Business users and Microsoft Teams users in the same organization if you choose to. This makes the Microsoft Teams Connector an ideal tool during the migration phase from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams.

Should I install software on users' PCs or devices?

No. Voys sends calls directly to Office 365 and the Microsoft cloud delivers the calls to your own system's Teams client, regardless of the device used.

What happens to my voicemail when I use the Microsoft Teams Connector?

Normally we recommend using the Voys voicemail or your PBX voicemail. This is because the Microsoft Teams voicemail can answer calls from your users who are part of a call group and the overflow settings that can be configured on hunt groups. Microsoft provides instructions for making this change to groups of users. For an individual user, they can go to and disable their voicemail.

In which countries can I use the Microsoft Teams Connector?

The Microsoft Teams Connector is available in all countries and is compatible with any Office 365 language. The service portal is currently only offered in English. The Microsoft Teams Connector uses gateways in different continents to route calls from your PBX to Office 365, with more being deployed as customers require geographic coverage.

Do I need to make any changes to my phone numbers?

If you connect the Microsoft Teams Connector with Voys services, your numbers that are hosted by Voys will be used. Your numbers and call costs will be managed through Voys.

How much does Microsoft Teams Connector cost?

You only need to pay for the number of active Microsoft Teams Connector users you have. Call us for more information about the price

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