Here you will find statistics on received conversations, such as the percentage of answered conversations, the total conversation duration, and your availability. The statistics start from the previous day, you can read out today's statistics tomorrow.

Choose the top right whether you want to see incoming or outgoing statistics.


Here you can find the statistics of all incoming calls.

  • Hour: here you can see at what time the calls were received.
  • Connected Conversations: the first number indicates how many calls were offered, and the second number indicates how many were actually answered.
  • %: the percentage of answered calls.
  • Average: here you can see the average conversation time.
  • Total: the sum of your conversation times. Note: the total time is calculated from the moment there is a notification, menu, waiting list, or voicemail in the call plan. If you have no notification, menu, waiting list, or voicemail in your call plan, the time starts from the moment the call is answered.

Percentage of answered conversations:

We see a conversation as an answered conversation in several ways:

  • You have answered a call with a (registered on our platform) device.
  • We forward to an external destination and there is an answer (this can also be a menu at an external destination).
  • When you have set up conversation confirmation and pressed 1 to answer the call.
  • When customers end up on voicemail and hear the beep. If customers hang up before the beep, we do not see this as an answered conversation.

This means that a notification, waiting list, or menu in Freedom is not seen as an answered conversation.

Note: If you have opening hours and customers hear a notification or voicemail outside opening hours, your percentage of answered calls may be lower than expected. Look closely when the calls are not answered, it may be mainly outside opening hours.


Total conversation duration

By means of a bar chart, you can see when you were called and how long the total conversation duration was during those times.


In this graph, you can see when you were most available.


In the overview, you see the summary along with information about the number of attempts (incoming calls), the number of answered calls, the percentage of answered calls, and the total duration.



With filters, you can select a day, week, month, or entire year. You can also select a specific number for which you want to see the statistics.

Note: In early December 2018, there was an update to the statistics page. Before this update, a notification was seen as an answered conversation. Due to this change, there may be a difference in your percentage of answered conversations.


Here you can find the statistics of all outgoing calls.

  • Total: the total number of outgoing calls.
  • Completed: an outgoing call has been answered or an outgoing call has gone to voicemail and the beep has played.
  • Unanswered: only a dial tone was heard.
  • Busy: the called number was in conversation.
  • Canceled: the called number cannot be called.
  • Average time: the average conversation time.
  • Total time: the sum of the conversation times.


With filters, you can select a day, week, month, or entire year. You can also select one or more specific VoIP accounts for which you want to see the statistics. After selecting, click on Show Statistics.

Number of calls per hour

By means of a bar chart, the calls can be viewed divided over the day.

Percentage of completed calls

Here you can see an overview of the calls that were completed, busy, answered, and canceled. By clicking on an option, you exclude it from the overview.

More overview?

All information visible in the statistics comes from the call list in Freedom. The visual statistics themselves cannot be downloaded, but the data from the call list can be! Read on this page how to download the call list.

Would you like more insight into your call traffic than this page provides? Then read more about how you can get more insight by means of Webhooks here.

FAQ for Statistics

When do you keep the data?

We keep your call data for only one year. If you want to be able to find this yourself for a longer period of time, this can be done via Webhooks.

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