Setting up Accessibility

Suppose you are a freelancer and you want to easily switch between being reachable on your fixed phone and your mobile. It is of course difficult to constantly have to adjust your call plan. Working with a user in your call plan is the solution. When your fixed number is called, it switches to the 'user'. You set the end destination (fixed or mobile) of yourself as a user under accessibility on the dashboard, in the app, or via the browser plugin. Do you have colleagues? Then you can create a call group with users, each of whom determines their own end destination.

Difficult? Not at all...

Step 1: Users

  • Click on Admin in Freedom and then on Users.
  • Create a new user or edit an existing user.
  • Click on the Telephony settings tab.
  • Check the number you want to be reachable on under Fixed/mobile number. If you want to add a new number, click on New fixed or mobile number.
  • Check the VoIP accounts you want to be reachable on. If you want to add a new VoIP account, click on New VoIP account. There are costs associated with creating a new VoIP account. Note: don't forget to set up your device.
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  • Specify whether or not you want to be available under Accessibility. If you select yes, check the correct destination.
  • Press Save at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Dial plan

  • Go to Dial plan.
  • Create a new dial plan or edit an existing dial plan.
  • Select the option User in the right place in your call plan. In the second pull-down menu, select the correct user. Note that your VoIP account or mobile phone is not also added separately to the dial plan or call group. If that is the case, the devices will always go over.
  • Click on Confirm.

More possibilities

  • Call group with users. Multiple colleagues, who want to determine where they are reachable themselves? Create a user for each colleague and add them to a call group.
  • Confirm calls/validation. Your mobile number as the end destination for the user is handy, but you don't want the call to go straight to your mobile voicemail. You can check the confirm calls box when creating a call group.
  • Voicemail. Receive your voicemail messages in your email? Add voicemail as the last step in your dial plan.
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