Availability - Freedom Unlimited

Availability - Freedom Unlimited

Suppose you are a self-employed person, and you want to easily switch between being reachable on your landline and your mobile phone. It can be difficult to constantly adjust your call plan or dial plan. Working with a user in your call plan or dial plan is the solution. When your landline number is called, it goes to the 'user'. You set the final destination (landline or mobile) for you as a user under accessibility on the dashboard, in the app, in the Webphone, or via the browser plugin. Basically, on any device or the Freedom platform. Do you have colleagues? Then you can create a call group with users, where each user determines their own final destination.

There are four ways to adjust your accessibility:

Via the Webphone
  • Go to the "Settings" tab on the webphone
  • Then users destination
Via the Click-to-Call browser extension
  • Click on the Voys logo to the right of the address bar
  • Select which destination you want to be reachable
Via the Voys App
  • Via the Voys App
  • Click on Settings
  • Select which destination you want to be reachable
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Via Freedom

To set your accessibility via the portal, log in to freedom.voys.co.za

  • Go to Admin
  • Go to Your User
  • Adjust the VoIP account on which you want to be reachable.
  • Click Save.
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