Managing everything from a user account
Managing everything from a user account

Managing everything from a user account

We are currently working on improving our services. One of the major features we are working on is learning to work more from a user perspective. After all, you are calling colleagues, not just a device or an account. On this page, we provide an explanation of these changes.

1. Calling out from your user account

We use multiple internal numbers that are linked to the same colleague. These internal numbers can be divided into two types.

  • VoIP-Accounts

Here, VoIP accounts are linked to devices, softphones, or even MS Teams accounts. You can find the VoIP accounts when you log in to Freedom and go to Admin.

  • User Accounts
  • The user account is linked to you as a person through your email address. Within that user account, you have linked all your VoIP accounts (the Webphone, Phones, the App, Call Forwarding (Divert) to your mobile phone, etc.). The following VoIP accounts are linked to the user Linda.


    You can find the User Accounts when you log in to Freedom under Admin.


What has changed now?

We no longer want the internal numbers of the VoIP Accounts to be displayed, but rather the user account that you have linked to your VoIP Account. We believe this will make it easier for you and your colleagues to be reachable and to easily switch between your devices.

Old situation. If you call a colleague now, your colleague will see the internal number of the VoIP account you are calling from, for example, 207 from the Webphone. Conversely, it may be that this colleague sees your 204 as the internal number of the Webphone when you call. If this colleague calls via the app once, you suddenly see 208 and your app becomes visible as 205.


New situation. Where previously VoIP-Accounts 202, 203, 204, and 205 were visible, you now see 601, 602, and 604 etc as internal numbers. These are the user accounts. It no longer matters which VoIP-Account (app, webphone, or device) you use for calling, you will always see your own personal internal number.


I don't have a user account, or I share a Voip account, What now?

As we have different propositions for our customers, it may be that you don't have a user account. We have thought about this. For these customers, the above new situation has not been automatically implemented, but a choice option has been added to set this up by themselves. If you don't have a user account or haven't linked any VoIP accounts to your user account yet, but would like to do so, Read on.

How do I add my VoIP accounts to a user account?

Firstly, it is important to have a user account and to have added your VoIP accounts to it. You can read how to do this below.

Adding a user
  • Log in to Freedom.
  • Go to Admin.
  • Click on Users.
  • Click on Add.

There are four tabs.

Personal information

Here are the user's personal details.

  • Fill in the first and last name of the user.
    • Admin: with an Admin account, the user can view and modify everything.
    • Account Management: The user with these rights can do almost everything, except modify administrative matters and add services.
    • Call Details: The user with this permission group can only view the call statistics.
    • End User: With these rights, the user can only manage their own availability.
  • Enter the email address of the new user.
  • In the description, you can optionally add additional information.
  • Make sure the user can set a password.
  • Indicate what rights this user has.
**Phone settings**

Here, you indicate where you want to be reachable. For example, on your VoIP account or on your mobile phone.

  • VoIP accounts: Here you can select your VoIP phone(s).
  • App account: Select the account you use in the Voys 4G app.
  • Plugin Account: Select the account you use in the WebRTC.
  • Landline / Mobile number: Here you can select the external number where you want to be reachable.
  • Number for colleagues: With this option, you can choose an internal number where you want to be reachable for colleagues.
  • Availability: Here you indicate whether you are available and at which destination. If you are not available, indicate this, and your user account will be skipped in the call plan.
  • How do you want to make outgoing calls: If you have selected a VoIP account in the App or Plugin, you can select the appropriate outbound number here. By selecting the correct Click-to-Call account, you determine which device you use to make calls via the Click-to-Call plugin.
Language Settings

Here you can adjust your language preference. You can choose between Dutch and English.

  • Log out after 10 minutes. If you check this box, you will automatically be logged out after 10 minutes of inactivity. This only applies to logging into
  • Require a password change at the next login. This is automatically checked only the first time; this allows the user to change the password to a self-chosen password.

Now that you have set up the user account, it can be added to the calling plan. This is not necessary to make outgoing calls with your user number, but it may bring other benefits.

Adding my VoIP accounts to the user
  • Log in to Freedom.
  • Go to Admin.
  • Click on Users.
  • Click on Telephony Settings.

Here you can indicate where you want to be reachable. For example, on your VoIP account or on your mobile phone.

  • VoIP accounts: Check here the VoIP phones you want to use.
  • Fixed / Mobile number: Check here the external number where you want to be reachable.

Enabling outbound calling from your user account

  • Log in to Freedom.
  • Click on Account in the top right corner.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Check the box below:
  • Click on Save.

You can now make outbound calls from your user account.

2. Setting Yourself to Do Not Disturb

All of our devices are now compatible with the new DND synchronization. This means that if you set yourself to Do Not Disturb on one device, it will be synchronized with your other devices, even your desk phone, and call forwarding!

  • If you put your user on Do Not Disturb in the app, it will also show on the webphone that you are on Do Not Disturb (and vice versa).
  • If you use our app and have selected your desk phone as your active calling device, and you put yourself on "do not disturb", your desk phone will also not ring!
    • Keep in mind that this is different from pressing the "do not disturb" button on your desk phone. Unfortunately, we cannot control this "do not disturb" button because it is not our product. However, the reverse does work.
  • If you use the webphone and have an external call forwarding active to your personal phone number, a call will not be forwarded to your phone number if your user is on "do not disturb".
    • If you share a call forwarding number with a colleague, this only works if both of you are on DND.
    • Please note that this is different from pressing the do not disturb button on the desk phone. Unfortunately, we have no control over this do not disturb button because it is not our product. The reverse does work, however.
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