Voys iOS App
Voys iOS App

Voys iOS App


Downloading the Voys app

Download the Voys app from the AppStore.

The app can only be downloaded with iOS version 13 and higher.

Logging in to the Voys app

  • Log in to the Voys app. You use the same credentials you use to log in to freedom.voys.co.za
Each user must log in with their own account to make the app work properly. If you log in with the same email address on multiple phones, calls may not be received correctly.

Adding a mobile number

You add the mobile number once in the Voys app’s initial setup in order for call through to happen via your mobile provider.

  • Enter your mobile phone number, use prefix +27 in place of 0, e.g. +27730125000 instead of 0730125000.
  • Check if you see the correct outgoing number. This is the number that your customer sees when you call them.

Granting permission

  • The app asks you to give permission for the following phone components:
    • Contacts
    • Microphone
    • Notifications

We need permission so you can use the app properly.

The app can now be used to make outgoing calls. If you also want to receive incoming calls, make sure your app account or user account is included in the dial plan.


Good to know

The app is a product in development and is constantly monitored for quality. We release regular updates. If you have feedback about the app, we would love to hear it.

The Voys app does not work well in combination with the queue module!


FAQ about iPhone and our Voys app

Will there also be a connection between the Apple Watch and your app?

Probably not. We would need to build an additional app to make this available. It is important that we continue to hear from our customers whether this is a feature they would like to have. If so, please indicate this at Feedback page

The app isn't working?

Read this page about why the app may not work immediately with iOS.

What can I do with the app?

Read more about the features of our app

I have feedback on your help pages!


We are constantly working on our platform and other products. If you want to stay informed of all updates, check for new updates

Still, want to speak to a colleague?

Can't quite figure it out or get it right? Call our Customer Happiness Team at 021 012 5000 or send an email to info@voys.co.za