You can find calls in Freedom. Click on 'Calls’ in the blue bar. Under calls, you will find all information about the calls held. You can also find the calls that have been recorded here if you have activated the call-recording feature.

Calls On the left side, you can see information about the calls.

On the right side of your statistics, you can find the filters. These allow you to easily filter the desired information.

Filter by the following variables: Start date: Select the start date here.
  • Start time: Select this if you have a specific time in mind in combination with the end time.
  • End date: Select the end date of your filter. Note: this must not be more than 30 days after the start date.
  • End time: Select this if you have a specific time in mind in combination with the start time.
  • Search for a specific phone number: Search for a specific phone number or part of it.
  • Show all missed calls: Check this box if you only want to see missed calls.
  • Conversation direction: If you want to display only incoming or outgoing calls, select the appropriate one here. Both are also possible.
  • Recordings: Select whether you only want to see recorded conversations or conversations without recording. To see both, choose all.
  • Totalize on: Choose from the options: none, caller, called to, customer, and account/called number. The totals can be found by clicking on account/called number. You can then see how many calls were made per account or per phone number. The "Number" column indicates how many calls are included, and the "Talk time" column shows the total duration of these calls. In the list, columns such as date/time are omitted. This is because a line in the list can consist of multiple calls with different dates.
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Export call list

Do you want to download the data from the call list? Click on the Export button. You will then see the following screen:

  • Enter the desired date of the call you want to export. Note: the maximum export option is 31 days. If you want data from multiple months, export each month separately.
  • Click on Save. The download will now begin.

As soon as the export starts running, you will see the following bar:

  • Go to the download page to download the export. Click on Account > Billing > Downloads in the upper right-hand corner.
Call time The call time starts when you record the call, the customer is waiting in the queue, or hears a voicemail. So, if you have many conversations with 0s, the customer hung up before you could answer, or something went wrong with your call plan.
FAQ for Conversations
Until when do you keep data?

We keep your call data for only one year. If you want to be able to find it yourself for a longer period of time, this is possible via Webhooks.

I can't find all my call data.

It might be that the filters are not set up properly. You can also contact us via the details below for assistance

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