Change number display when forwarding mobile

Change number display when forwarding mobile

Of course, you don't want to answer a business call with "Hi, this is Henk". That's why it's useful to be able to see what kind of call you're receiving when you've forwarded your business number to your mobile phone. You can set up a distinction between private and business calls as follows:

  • Go to
  • In the Admin tab, select Fixed/Mobile and choose your mobile number. Haven't you added a number yet? Check here.
  • Click Forwarding Caller ID and then Called Number.

Please note that you cannot see both the caller's number and the called phone number. This is a limitation of the mobile network. However, Voys has come up with a trick:


  • Create a call group with your mobile number in it.
  • Change "None" to "Standard" under Confirm Calls.

If you have set this up and you receive a call, you will always hear "Press 1 to answer this call" before you get the caller on the line. This way, you know that your business number is being called. You will see the caller's number on your screen. Handy!

The trick for multiple phone numbers

If you have multiple phone numbers and want to see which company is being called, the above trick can also be applied. For each company, create a call group with its own call confirmation message:

  • This is an incoming call for company A; press 1 to answer.
  • This is an incoming call for company B; press 1 to answer.

Another option is to use variable caller name or variable announcement. Please note! Not every mobile device can display both a name and a phone number.

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