With the feature of Fixed/Mobile you can easily add an external phone number as a destination so that forwarding a call can be done quickly.

Fixed/Mobile Destination

  • Log in on Freedom.
  • Click on Admin in the left menu 
  • Click on Fixed/Mobile and press Add.
  • Phone number: here you fill in the phone number to which you want to forward calls. This can be a fixed or mobile phone number. International numbers are also possible!
  • Description: Here you can give a description to the phone number. For example: “Anna's mobile number.”
  • Caller ID Forwarding: With forwarding to an external number it is possible to only show one phone number. Here, you choose what you want to see on your display when your call is forwarded.

The options are Original Caller (the number of the person who is calling), and

Called number (the number the caller originally dialed). If you don’t want to see any number,

You can select Suppressed (privacy).

  • User: select the user to which this external number belongs. This way, the user itself can switch in their availability. This field can also be left open. .
  • Click on Save.
  • Add the forwarding number to the dial plan.
Did you know that..?
  • When you forward a call to an external number, we charge costs for forwarding/diverting calls? This is because we have to set up a new connection, which is seen as a new outgoing call. When you have a complete subscription, these costs are already covered in your bundle.
  • You can create a call group and have multiple numbers (people) receive calls that are forwarded to the group. Check out how to set up a call group here
  • You can also make outgoing calls with your fixed number via your smartphone. We have developed the Voys app for this.
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