Call Forwarding

Can my incoming calls be redirected to my cell phone or landline number?

What does Call Forwarding do?

Add a cell phone or an external landline number, so that you can automatically have inbound calls redirected to this number.

This is, for example, used to forward calls to cell phone(s) when you are out of the office or as a failover when your internet is down or you are experiencing a power failure.



STEP 1: Adding your number to Freedom

First, we add the number to your phone system.

  • Log in to Freedom
  • Go to 'Admin' >> 'Fixed/Mobile'
  • Click Add
  • Enter the 'Phone number' in its international format i.e. +27 71 234 5678
  • Add a 'Description' for easy reference i.e. John cell 
  • Under 'Caller id forwarding': Select Original Caller if you would like to see the caller's phone number displayed on your phone when you receive the call. Or select Called number if you would like to see your business' phone number displayed. Or select Suppress (privacy) if you would like the phone number to be displayed as anonymous. 
  • User: Skip this step. Here's some information regarding Users over here
  • Click Save.
    Screenshot 2022-03-31 at 10.41.38

STEP 2: Adding your number to the Dialplan

Now we need to add the number as a step in your Dialplan so that your cell phone or landline can ring when your office phone number is called. You can do this by adding it to a Call Group that is already added to your Dial plan or one that you will be adding to your Dial plan or by directly adding the number to your Dial plan as a Fixed destination.

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