How do I ensure that calls get automatically directed to a specific person or department when someone calls into my business?

What is an IVR?

An Auto Attendant is like having a virtual receptionist. A message such as “dial 1 for Sales, dial 2 for Support, dial 3 for Accounts” will play and direct the caller based on their selection.

How to set up your IVR
  • First Upload your IVR messages to Messages by going to 'Admin' 
  • Click on 'Messages' 
  • Click Add ,'Name'Name your uploaded message, and
  • under 'Audio file'Select Add audio file >> Save
  • Now go to 'Admin' 
  • Click on 'IVR' (under 'Advanced options')
  • Click Add
  • 'Name'Give your IVR a Name. (It is for your reference only)
  • 'Timeout'Enter the number of seconds the caller has available to make a selection on the IVR
  • 'Maximum attempts'Enter the number of times a caller can make an invalid selection on the IVR
  • Select your 'Start message' (this will be the Welcome message); 'Incorrect message' (played when the caller makes an invalid selection) and 'Timeout message' (played when the Timeout time is exceeded).
  • Click Save
Update your Dial plan: Add IVR
  • Click Edit dial plan
  • Click add step
  • Click on the drop-down menu in the first field and 
  • Select IVR. Follow this by selecting the relevant IVR in the second field with a drop-down menu. 
  • Save your updates for that step.
Add options
  • Click on the 3 dots to update the Option step
  • Click Edit
  • Select an option number e.g. If it’s 1 for Sales then the number is 1 >> Add a step(s) so that calls can be routed to a destination i.e. a Call group, VoIP account, Fixed destination, Voicemail, etc.
  • Click Save to add the step
  • Repeat the 3 steps above for your other IVR options
  • The 'Other/failed' option is for when the caller does not manage to supply the correct input in the given time and/or attempts.
  • Save Dialplan

Please note: Options that are allowed are the numbers 1-9 and the symbols and #

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