Listen in

Listen in

With the feature Listen in you are able to listen in to the calls your colleagues are having. Only Freedom Admins are able to set up who can listen in with who. When you use this feature, make sure to notify your colleagues.

Activating the Listen in feature.

  • Log in on Freedom
  • Click on Admin.
  • Click on Listen in and press Add
  • Internal number: Pick a three digit number that you will dial to listen in with a certain device. Tip: pick the same number as the VoIP account of the device, but switch the first number to a five. This way, the listening in extension of device 201 is 501.
  • Description: here you can give a description to the extension.
  • Password: Give in a numerical password that you can press before listening in. You can also leave this field empty, this way you won’t have a password to give in.
  • All extensions: when you have selected this, you can listen in with all devices in your account. Is this not selected, than you can choose which VoIP-accounts you want to listen in with.
  • Click on Save and you are done!

This is how it works

Press on the numerical pad on your device or webphone the internal listening in extension, press the call button and start listening in.

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