Phone number

Phone number

What can you do with a phone number?

Under the heading telephone number you will see an overview of the telephone numbers that are linked to your account. You can add new phone numbers or delete existing numbers here.


New numbers

To add a new phone number:

  • Log in to Freedom
  • In the menu bar, click Admin
  • Choose Phone number
  • Select Add and agree to the additional costs
  • Do you want a geographic number? In the area code, choose the geographic number that corresponds to your address. If you want a non-geographic number, choose 087.
  • Choose a number of consecutive numbers
  • How many numbers do you want to request? It is always a series of consecutive numbers if you choose more than one number.
  • Select the number (block) you want to add
  • Enter a description at Description
  • e.g 'Main number'

  • Press Save
  • The number can be used immediately, but create a dial plan for the number.

International numbers

We can supply international phone numbers from most countries and most major geographic areas. You can find the current list of international numbers that is available here.

Please note that every country has different requirements for number assignment. For some, one needs to provide a physical presence in the country, for instance.

So please check the conditions and inform the customer about the requirements before you offer the number.

Delete numbers

  • Log in to Freedom
  • In the menu bar, click Admin
  • Choose Phone number
  • Click on the cross next to the phone number you want to remove
  • An overview will now appear of the number (block) and any calling plan that you are going to delete. Press: 'Yes, I'm sure' and the number is deleted.
  • NB! If you do want to use the number again later, set it to 'not active'. You can't call this number, but you won't lose it either. This will happen if you delete it.
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