You can find the option for a Queue in Freedom. This option can be useful to your organization when you receive many calls at the same time and you want to give your callers the possibility to wait for the first available line.
Give your queues different priorities. It is now possible to prioritize your queue.
  • Suppose you have an emergency line and a telephone number for support.
  • A queue is set up for both numbers, and several colleagues are available in both queues.
  • When a colleague can be reached in several queues, you naturally want the caller who is waiting in the emergency line to be helped earlier than someone who has a question about an invoice, for example.
  • From now on it is therefore possible to assign priorities to your queues, so that the caller for the emergency line is helped faster.
  • See below for how to Set up a queue feature.
Setting up the queue
  • Log in on Freedom.
  • Click Admin.
  • Click on the option Queue and
  • Click Add to create a new queue.
  • Give the queue a name and description so that you can find it back easily.
Queue settings
  • Maximum time:

Here you determine the number of seconds/minutes that your callers can stay in the queue. In the dial plan, you determine what happens when they have overstayed their queue time.

  • Maximum size: 

Here, you determine the maximum number of callers that can enter the queue.

  • Wrap-up time:

Here, you determine the number of seconds your colleague has to wrap up one phone call before they receive the next call. Think about making notes or planning a follow-up call.

Ring method

Here you indicate how and when the telephones should ring.

You can also set this in the call group, but Please note:  The call method that is set in the queue has priority over the call method that is set in the call group.


You can add a priority per queue.

  • Choose between High, normal, and low.
  • The queues can also be given the same priorities.
  • If there are two customers in different queues with the same priority, the longest waiting customer will be offered first when using the same call groups/colleagues.
  • Do you have many queues?

Then press the queue statistics page in Freedom. Here you can clearly see which priorities all your queues currently have.

NB! Do you use the same queue more often in a calling plan and do you want to add a different priority between those two queues?

Then create a new queue and replace it with one of the existing queues. This way you get two different queues, to which you can give two different priorities.

The Message
  • Welcome message: 

This is the message that the caller hears when entering the queue. You will need to record this message yourself.

For example: Welcome at [company name], we are not able to pick up the phone right away, please hold and we will be with you shortly.

  • Time exceeded message:

Here you determine the message people hear when the queue time is exceeded.

For example, It is very busy at the moment, our maximum waiting time has been reached. Please try again later or leave a message.

  • Size exceeded message:

Here you determine what the caller hears when the size of the queue is exceeded.

  • Notify frequency:

Here you set up the number of seconds between a notifying message. This can be a standard message (there are x callers before you) or this can be an original message (we will be with you shortly).

  • Notification based on:

Here you determine the message that callers will hear.

  • Message settings:

Here you set the language of the message.

  • Press Save
Set up the Queue in the Dial plan
  • Click on Dial plan in the left menu.
  • Click on the phone number you want to edit.  
  • Click on Add step at the place you want your queue and select a queue.
  • You will see two options: Queue and Max. size or time exceeded
  • Select a call group in the pull-down menu beneath Queue.
  • Select a message or voicemail (or a different call group) at Max. size or time exceeded.

Attention! You cannot add a queue between two different steps, there can be no steps beneath the place where you want to add a queue.

Some general information on the queue option
  • You can only connect a queue to a call group with fixed IP phones of the Web phone. We do not recommend using the Voys app in this call group due to a difference in real-time availability. The same is the case for mobile numbers.
  • Your IP phones should be set up in a way that they will only allow one line at a time. Is Call waiting is activated in one of the IP phones, then a second call will be put through to that phone without being put in the queue.
  • You can let the callers in the queue enjoy some music by adding hold music to your dial plan.
  • Have you set up the call method of Round Robin? This will work fine when you receive a high amount of calls. The calls will be delivered on the same server this way. Do you not receive that many calls? Then there will be a server shift more often and with it, a perfect functioning of the Round Robin method cannot be guaranteed.
  • When the call group beneath the queue is filled with only Users, and all users have set their availability to “not available,” the queue will be skipped and the caller will be directed to step Max. size or time exceeded
Queue FAQ
Where can I find information about Queue Statistics?
What does 'Volume of waiting time expired mean?

In the queue feature, you can set whether customers can also be removed from the queue if it is too busy.

The queue full monitors that too many customers do not end up waiting. The wait time expired ensures that customers are removed from the queue after x number of minutes to prevent them from waiting any longer.

You can add a notification or voicemail that notifies the customer of the busy period, for example..

Why can I only add a call group?

To ensure the queue functions at its best, with all the possible options our platform has, it has been decided that the queue always works in conjunction with a call group. You can assign one device or one user here, but also more.

A queue generally does not work with call forwarding to the mobile phone(s) and the Voys app. Why not?

Your mobile phone doesn't understand our queue feature. Our queue sends your phone a notification every few seconds to see if you can take a call. Your phone doesn't recognize this process. It may work well, but problems can arise, such as your provider blocking your business number because it thinks you're being spammed by that number..

How do I set up hold music for my call queue?

Read here how to add waiting music.

The Round Robin scheduling method is not working, why is that?

This ring method works well if you have many conversations. The conversations are delivered to the same server. If you have few conversations, the server will be switched more often and there is a chance that the Round Robin order is not fully correct.

We don't have anyone available in the queue. How can I ensure that this queue is skipped?

If you only add users to the call group of your queue and all users are set to 'unavailable', then the queue will be skipped in your call plan. The step 'queue full or expired' will be used instead.

What kind of starting message can I set in my queue module?
  • 'Welcome to [company name], we will assist you as soon as possible.'
  • 'At this moment, all our employees are busy. Please stay on the line and we will be happy to assist you.'’
What kind of wait time exceeded message can I set in my queue module?
  • At the moment, it is very busy and you have been waiting for too long. Please try again later.
What waiting time per message can I set in my queue module?
  • At the moment it is very busy and there are too many people waiting ahead of you. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later.
Our queue is not working. What could this be?

This can have multiple causes.

  • Call Waiting is activated on your device. Your VoIP phones must be set to handle only one simultaneous line. If Call Waiting is activated in the settings of a VoIP phone, a second call will come in on the device and will not be placed in the queue.
  • Network issues. People are waiting, but your device is not ringing. Restart your router and devices. Does it work now? If the problem persists, have someone check your network.
  • Call group. Are the correct phone(s) and Webphone(s) in the call group that you added to the queue?
Can you use call waiting while in a queue?

No, calls are not offered from the queue when a device is busy in a call. Therefore, call waiting calls are also not received. It does work when these calls come in outside the queue.

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