Opening hours | Convert basic

Opening hours | Convert basic


Below you will find frequently asked questions and corresponding answers about the conversion from Opening Hours | Advanced to Opening Hours | Basic.

What does this conversion mean for me?

With this conversion, we make it easier for you as a customer. You remain just as accessible, but the opening hours are now even easier to adjust. This means that you no longer have to set the various holidays annually, as the new feature automatically takes them into account for the coming years!

The conversion means that setting and changing your opening hours will work slightly differently than you are used to. How? We are happy to explain this to you on this page.

What is different about Opening Hours | Basic?

Opening Hours | Basic is perfect for companies that do not have complex opening hours. This makes it even easier for you to manage them. The way you set them up may be slightly different than what you are used to.

After the conversion to Opening Hours | Basic, it is also possible to adjust your opening hours via the Voys App. So you no longer have to login to Freedom specifically to change your opening hours.

There will also be a link available in the Voys Webphone that will take you directly to a page where you can adjust your opening hours.


What will I notice about the conversion?

Absolutely nothing! This conversion is fully automatic and has no effect on your availability. You will remain available at the times that were already indicated in your dialing plan. That's handy.

How do I change my opening hours now?

Do I need to adjust my call plan?

No, that is not necessary. It is fun to take a look at what Opening Hours | Basic means for your dial plan because it looks slightly different. It is now easier to set up certain notifications or voicemails when you are not available.

What about my notifications or voicemails?

If you have already set a certain notification or voicemail for outside opening hours, it will be taken with you to the new setup.

This may mean that you have the same voicemail at opening times, during holidays, and closing times. This can, of course, be adjusted at any time.

Read here how to create a new sound message and read here how to convert it to a notification or voicemail. If you still have questions, we are of course ready to support you our contact details are below

If you cannot figure it out completely based on this page? Or do you want to route the telephony differently after all? Then take a look at the following pages:

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