Opening hours | Basic

Opening hours | Basic

How do I add opening hours Basic?

You can easily set up your opening hours and public holidays. You are able to select the days and times when your business is open for your customers. In the second tab, you then select the holidays on which you especially do not want to be available. Is this set in the dial plan? Then you don't have to look at it anymore!


Regular opening hours

  • In the first tab, you determine the days on which you are open.
  • Name your opening hours, for example: “General” or “Open.”
  • Slide the days on which you want to receive calls and enter the hours.
  • Click “Next step.”
Public holidays
  • Indicate the country you would like to see the official holidays for.
    • Do you have customers in Germany, South Africa, or Belgium? These holidays can also be selected.
    • Select the holidays on which you are closed.
    • Click on “Save”
    • In the second tab, you may set the holidays on which you are closed.
    • For example, are you open on Good Friday and Easter Monday?

      Therefore, don't select those days!

      ❗For example, if you are open on Boxing Day and Easter Monday? Then don't select those days!


☎️ Dial Plan Activation

To activate the newly created opening hours, include it in your dialing plan.

To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Go to Dail Plans.
  • Click on the number where these opening hours should be active.
  • Click Edit
  • Click on “Add step”
  • Select Opening Hours | basic
  • Click on the Opening Hours | basis and
  • Select the group you just created.
  • “Confirm” once done
  • Save the dial plan

You are now given three options to fill in.

During Opening Hours

Here you indicate what should happen with the calls when you are open.

For an example: A welcome message, a call group, a selection menu, a queue, etc. And you end up with a voicemail or forwarding the calls to another number e.g cellphone.

Outside Opening Hours

This is your after-hours option:  You you fill in what needs to happen outside your opening hours.

For example,  a voicemail or call divert

Public holidays

Here you indicate what should be done if you are closed during the holidays that you previously ticked in the Opening hours | Basic feature.

This is how it will reflect once it is done

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